Why I love Therapeutic yoga and Iyengar yoga.


This fascinating style of yoga begins with a thorough understanding of the entire human body and its functions. The unique and innovative approach focuses on precision, alignment and intricate movement in order to bring about balance in your muscles, joints, nervous system and organs.

Iyengar yoga emphasizes practice to minimise stress and create space in your body. Iyengar yoga takes a very therapeutic form and can be fundamental in the recovery from injury and health-related illness.

B.K.S. Iyengar…

The founder, B.K.S Iyengar, suffered from illness himself throughout his early years. Despite this, he dedicated his life of practice and teaching to successfully help others recover from illness and injury.

‘Health is the perfect equilibrium of the body and mind, intellect and soul.”

B.K.S. Iyengar

All about you…

 52 All about you IMG_4517 


Therapeutic yoga complements your personal needs and works specifically with your body, your movement patterns and your postural requirements. With this personalised approach, you can enjoy the benefits of the intricate movements of each part of your body to realign your muscles, prepare you for physical tasks or recover from illness or injury.


Innovative use of props…

 54 innovative use of props

The innovative method of using props such as blocks, ropes, bolsters and cushions helps all levels of student practice. It also enhances the deep benefits of postures with correct alignment and technique.

It is often the case that in order to reach postures, we rely on our stronger muscles to compensate for our weaker muscles. This creates imbalances in our posture, which can often lead to pain and injury.

Props ensure your body is supported at the appropriate level to take away strain and to target specific areas. This allows you to awaken weaker muscles and create a fully balanced strong and supportive body.


Give your body some natural medicine and increase your energy…

‘When a part of the body is tense, blood flow to that area decreases, reducing immunity.’

B.K.S. Iyengar

The movement of yoga asana directs blood flow towards much needed areas. Think of this blood flow as your own medicine for that area of the body. Your blood carries vital nutrients to the cells in that specific area, and the fresh supply of blood to your body cells promotes repair and helps your body function smoothly.


Create space in your joints…

 Throughout your day your muscles often become tense or cramped. This may be from long periods of sitting, stress or other factors. As a result, your protective tissues surrounding your joints become tight and your joints become stiff.

Using postures to emphasise creating space in your body, especially between the joints in your spine, has a profound impact on your nervous system and your health.


 Release your stress…

 28 release your stress: meditation clear your mind and increase your energy1627

Stress is a huge factor in most people’s lives. Knowingly or unknowingly, most of us face it on a regular basis. It is so much so that stress alone can cause many health problems, as well as chronic fatigue and increased body fat.

 Yoga will enable you to reduce your anxiety, relax your mind and practise acceptance of the present moment. Practising yoga therapy will enable your system to function as effectively, efficiently and naturally as it possibly can.


 Let go of your ego…

53 Let go of your ego

Therapeutic yoga is all about your body’s needs. Whilst practising yoga, you will let go of your ego wanting you to progress beyond your unique capabilities at that time.

With the deep understanding that your progression with good alignment will result in a pain free, energised and more confident you.

 Why should I practise Iyengar yoga and Therapeutic yoga?

  • Reduce stress and boost your immune system
  • Recover from illness or injury
  • Improve your sleep
  • Prepare for physical tasks, daily life and sport
  • Understand your unique and individual rehabilitation requirements
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Realign your body and improve your posture
  • Refresh your body cells and increase your energy
  • Improve your ability to burn body fat
  • Enjoy confidence of a balanced, strong and flexible body
  • Reduce your risk of injury and health related illness
  • Feel calm, refreshed and revitalized

My sincere gratitude goes to one of the most highly-skilled and knowledgeable teachers of therapeutic yoga, as well as excellence of a highly regarded Iyengar yoga center in North India.

I had the pleasure to experience the healing benefits of therapeutic yoga and Iyengar yoga due to the excellence and unforgettable yoga practices and lectures.

Mahi, Siddhi Yoga, Dharmakhot & The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center, India


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