What is Hatha yoga?


27 Yoga releases the creative potential in life

‘Yoga releases the creative potential in life’

B.K.S Iyengar

 Why I love Hatha…

Hatha yoga gives you the opportunity to enjoy ultimate freedom and trust in your body and mind. In doing so, you will learn to move correctly and exactly how your body wants to.


Become totally aware…

You will practise Hatha yoga with slowness, softness and a gentle but energizing flow. Hatha teaches you to use your energy to become completely aware, and strong and free in your movements, As a result, you will enjoy the refreshing experience of a wonderfully meditative practice.


Repair and restore your body…


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The strong awareness a Hatha practise brings will give you the ability to judge truthfully the effect of your movement patterns. You can experience becoming completely aware of your chronic pain or injury, and you will learn how to choose correct movement patterns and start rehabilitating your body.


Release your stress…

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 Stress is a huge factor in most people’s lives. Knowingly or unknowingly, most of us face it on a regular basis. It is so much so that stress alone can cause many health problems, as well as chronic fatigue and increased body fat.

We so often accumulate stress in our bodies. This stress causes many kinds of physical or psychological problems in our body systems. Yoga helps us overcome these problems by stimulating our organs and stress prone areas, such as the neck and lower back.

“Yoga calms the brain and soothes the nerves, reducing the apprehension of pain, which in many cases as damaging as pain itself.”

 B.K.S. Iyengar


As we know, when the brain triggers a stress response, chemicals such as cortisol are produced in the body; all too often they are overproduced.

Anticipation of pain triggers this response and can trigger stress-related hormones. Yoga will enable you to reduce your apprehension of pain, relax your mind and practise acceptance of the present moment. Practising yoga therapy will enable your system to function as effectively, efficiently and naturally as it possibly can.


Stay strong and lean as you move through each stage of life…


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Strength of our body is such a vital part of our ageing process. Practising postures with complete awareness will show you that you can comfortably achieve positions and postures you never thought you could.

Strengthening your core muscles is like setting your foundations. In order to experience day-to-day life with vibrancy and energy your body needs to be strong and as pain free as possible at every stage of life.


Experience an inner rebellion…  

A great Hatha practise will guide you into your own trust and judgment with each posture. When you become so aware of your movements, you will be encouraged to move exactly as you want to in that moment. It is not simply another system or sequence for us to repeat without question, but a deeper understanding of yourself and your own movement.

My sincere gratitude goes to one of the most profound teachers of Hatha yoga. I had the pleasure to experience intense awareness, self-trust and strength due to the expert guidance from this teacher. I am grateful for such true, authentic, unique and unforgettable Hatha practices.

Gurumuk – Dharmakhot, Dharamasala,, North India 2014

Why should I practise Hatha yoga?

  1. Keep your body flexible and strong
  2. Tone your muscles and help with fat loss
  3. Strengthen vital core muscles and improve your posture
  4. Protect your joints and your vital organs
  5. Increase vital nutrients to your body tissues
  6. Reduce your stress hormones
  7. Improve your balance and your neuromuscular system
  8. Improve your sleep
  9. Improve your confidence and vibrancy in every day life
  10. Help connect with the present moment and create a state of inner peace.


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