June 6, 2016

Exercise and Health Coaching

Nutrition, exercise and wellbeing services, to help you revolutionise your health.

Our revolutionary exercise coaching, nutrition and yoga package is designed to help you improve your sports performance as well as make long lasting and dramatic changes to your body shape and your health. By making some simple and effective lifestyle changes, you can free yourself from cravings, dramatically reduce your body fat and reduce your stress hormones.

You can also become more mindful, get in the best shape you have ever been, have more energy, be free from stress induced highs and lows and have a strong and flexible body. By taking just a few simple steps, you can also experience reduced aches and pain, have a clear and confident mind and drastically improve your health.

Our exercise coaching programmes are authentic, unique and evidence-based to allow you to be your own coach as well as achieve your results effectively.


Personal training and health coaching services deigned by highly experienced health and exercise specialists.

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Do you often think about your next meal? Feel low in energy? Regularly need a sugar and or caffeine based ‘pick me up’? Suffer from sickness such as colds, headaches and skin problems on a regular basis? Have your attempts to lose weight in the past been unsuccessful?

Choosing the right kind of foods to fuel your body can have a profound and life changing effect on your health, body and confidence Read more >

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Unique Exercise Coaching

19 Calm controlled and strong

The right kind of exercise is essential to help you improve your performance in sport, burn body fat, improve your body shape, reduce your stress hormones, maintain your lean tissue, improve your confidence, improve your metabolism, and protect your joints, especially as you age!

Our evidence-based approach to keeping your muscles strong and reducing your body fat focuses on low stress but highly effective and convenient coaching programmes Read more >


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Body and Mind

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to help you become more mindful, improve your posture and reduce your stress hormones. They will also improve the strength and flexibility of your body, reduce your chronic aches and pain, improve your ability to play sport, help reduce abdominal fat and dramatically improve your health.

Meditation and mindfulness also help reduce the negative affects of stress. When you meditate, you will experience an automatic slowing of your thoughts and a progressive calming Read more >

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Physical Therapy


These unique and tailor made treatments will focus on improving your tight areas through a careful understanding of your anatomy and injury history. Myofascial release techniques, activation, stretching and trigger point therapy will help improve your chronic pain, as well as allow us to help breakdown your mysofascial adhesions (also known as muscle knots!) to help you to move with more fluidity and strength.


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Our unique workshops are a fun and effective way to experience, learn more about and gain the tools to help support your health revolution. We provide this, in a relaxed, friendly, non-competitive and supportive environment.

You will experience the practical side of our unique coaching programmes which include resistance based exercise, therapeutic yoga, meditation and mindfulness. We will guide you on how to make some revolutionary nutrition changes and provide you with tips on how to continue your health revolution after the workshop.

These workshops allow you to experience the benefits of technical coaching and are designed to give you the tools to continue your practice at home, integrate the programme into your lifestyle and get the most out of your health revolution!

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Online Coaching

Our unique online coaching services are designed to ensure you have all of the tools you need so that you can be in control of your own health revolution. The courses are designed to conveniently provide you with technical advice as well as easy to follow instructions to help you reduce your body fat and stay strong and flexible from any location.

You can choose the full health revolution package that incorporates nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Or, you can choose a section of the package that provides you with the support you feel you most need at the time.

We understand the commitments of our modern lifestyles and that we don’t always have time to go to a regular class. We also highly value and appreciate the huge benefits of regular self-practise as a way to meditate and give your self some time back!


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One to One Coaching

This specifically tailored health revolution programme helps you achieve your ideal body shape, dramatically reduce your body fat and reduce your stress levels. It also helps you achieve a strong and flexible body and significantly improve your all round health.

As well as this, we work with you to identify and improve your body’s unique movement patterns. We review your your unique anatomy history, identify tight, shortened and weakened muscles and any postural imbalances you may have. Finally, we discuss your past or present injuries or health conditions in order to tailor-make your Health Revolution.

This service can help you identify and overcome any barriers you have towards health, exercise and nutrition that have prevented you from achieving your goals. You will also benefit from gentle assisted technical adjustments and a personalised programme to follow that will ensure you get the very best from your health revolution.

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Revolutionise Your Health

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Consult with us:

Do you need some advice to help you support your sport and revolutionise your health? Are you not sure where to start or what is the best solution for you? Let’s discuss you individual needs over a consultation. We can decide together on some options for you and the best way to move forward with your goals.

This service is also very helpful if you have suffered from injury, health issues or restricted movement in the past, or if you are a sports person and want to tailor your coaching to support your performance.

We can also help you if you are an absolute beginner and want some extra advice on how to get started and plan your activities, as well as plan your targets and results – particularly if you have an upcoming event such as a wedding or holiday to prepare for!

Whatever your needs we would be delighted to hear from you and chat about your situation.

Consultations are friendly and encouraging, and can be over a coffee in person or over the phone or Skype at your convenience.



The South East and London
The North East and Yorkshire
One-to-One Coaching 2 hour package (minimum) 1 x Practical and 1 x Programme£150£110Book
One-to-One Coaching 4 hour package £288£198Book
One-to-One Coaching Pass 1012 hours£720£495Book