Relax your stressed-out ’fascia’ and improve the condition of your tight and weak soft tissue!

By Hannah Mitchell

9 Tight and weak muscles

Each day, most of us spend considerable amounts of time in a fixed position. For example,

  • Sitting at a desk
  • Sitting in a car
  • Sitting on the sofa

So, when we sit in these positions for very long periods our muscle fibers get tired of being in a constant state of contraction.

In fact, in order to protect us, nerves surrounding the muscle fibers send signals to the brain to stop remaining in that position. This results in your body adapting to new positions in an attempt to protect you from suffering pain. In effect, what happens is your body also adapts its movement patterns and without treatment this area of chronic tightness gets less used and therefore gets weaker.

Relax your stressed out Fascia!
11 Fascia

Our bodies are all connected by a soft tissue, which is commonly called Fascia. Fascia is a web like structure that binds, innervates and crosses all of our bodily tissues. Fascia connects our superficial tissues as well as our deep tissues. Fascia is essentially a casing for our body and it is all connected!

When fascia is healthy and under no stress, it glides freely amongst other body tissues such as muscle cells, blood vessels and fat.

When fascia suffers from stress such as…

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Emotional stress
  • Injury
  • Surgery
  • Stillness

The fascia’s protective mechanism ensures the fascia becomes sticky. When this happens, the tissue next to the fascia binds to form an adhesion. The fascia thickens and becomes less moveable.

Massage therapy can target these areas in order for your body to release the tension in the muscle fibers and fascia. As well as this, Massage can help increase movement, fluid and vital nutrients to the restricted areas. Working on these areas has proven to restore function and release myofascial trigger points.

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