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 Restoration of your muscles and soft tissue should be a fundamental part of training for sport. If you complement your sports training with regular treatment, this will ensure you can play or take part efficiently and stay injury free. When you have played a sport on a regular basis, you will have experienced your muscles becoming tighter, or you may have suffered from aches and pains in the same areas. These areas can be the areas most in use during the sport or which carry a lot of pressure.

Take skiing as an example. Many people suffer from pressure to the ligaments and tendons, muscles and fascia surrounding and protecting the knee, hip and ankle joint. As well as this, our fascia, musculature and other soft tissue are entirely connected. So, our whole body can experience tightness, tension or changes in movement patterns due to prolonged overuse and lack of intervention or treatment.

In other words, you may well experience pain or fatigue in an area that you consider unrelated to your sporting movement but in fact is largely connected. Massage therapy can target these areas in order for your body to release the tension in the muscle fibers and fascia. Working on these areas has proven to restore function and release myofascial trigger points that cause pain and restriction and often occur when we play sport regularly.

Regular treatments to maintain your soft tissue function will help you move efficiently and effectively whilst playing sport. This will help you reduce your risk of chronic injuries from overcompensation.

By Hannah Mitchell

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