June 6, 2016

Our Ethos

“Having been involved in peoples’ life-long quest for optimum performance, happiness and health, the ups, the downs, the obstacles and the motivations, I found an intense need to provide solutions to help us maximise our performance in sport and improve our overall quality of life.”


What does Trailside Sports Therapy give you?

Trailside provides you with unique, evidence-based and professional sports therapy services.

We are dedicated to helping you enhance your performance, improve your body and health, as well as maximise your experience in sport, activity and day-to-day life

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional standards of Sports Therapy. We use a blend of techniques from the best in the fields of physical therapy, coaching and bodywork. We are constantly researching new approaches to help you to prevent injury, recover quickly and make instant changes to your body and performance.

We specialise in myofascial release, movement coaching and muscle function assessment, as well as trigger point therapy, muscle activation, applied movement neurology, yoga, Pilates, therapeutic exercise, flexibility, strength and conditioning.


Our Ethos…

We are passionate about adventure and sport and having been involved in people’s life-long quest for optimum performance, health and happiness, we understand the motivations, ups, downs and obstacles you can face.

Having also worked within a range of sports, at professional and amateur level, we understand the challenges of race preparation and performance. Our services integrate training for your body and mind to provide you with the tools to get the most from your race or event.

We also fully appreciate the benefits and what it means to simply enjoy sport and activity at any level, and to be able to move fluidly, freely with ease and control, and without chronic aches, pain and limitation.


Our aim for you…

Our aim is to help you exceed in your sport, activity and day-to-day life by providing you with highly effective physical therapy, health and exercise coaching services.

We want you to be in control of your own sports performance and physical health and wellbeing. We design our coaching services so you can continue to practice in your own time and become your own coach.


A message of motivation from us…


“When the body is activated and every muscle is playing its proper role, the results are incredible.”

Dr Tom Nelson


When your body functions well and has a composition that supports your sport, activity and your health, not only do you have more energy, you exude confidence.

“Your energy directly impacts your quality of life.”

Dr Robert Lustig


With simple, positive life-changes you can move well, be strong, lean, flexible, calm and present throughout your life.

Now is the time to get the most from your body and sport. Be fearless, be strong, be healthy, be present and be happy!