Play better sport and reduce your risk of injury!

 Restoration of your muscles and soft tissue should be a fundamental part of training for sport. If you complement your sports training with regular treatment, this will ensure you can play or take part efficiently and stay injury free. When you have played a sport on a regular basis, you will have experienced your muscles becoming Read more about Play better sport and reduce your risk of injury![…]

How well do you move?

  “Motion is Life” Hippocrates, Greek Physician, 460-377 BC Understanding and balancing the basic quality of our movement is fundamental to preventing and rehabilitating our aches, pains and injuries. Our bodies have intelligent protective mechanisms, which prioritise survival. As well as this, our brain stores movement sequences according to the demands we place and have previously Read more about How well do you move?[…]

Reduce your referred pain with ‘Trigger Point Therapy’

Trigger points are often called muscle knots and are areas within your muscles fibers and fascia, which have suffered from trauma over a prolonged period of time or an acute trauma from an injury. In most cases, we have trigger points in our body due to chronic stress we place on it day-to-day. Even just by Read more about Reduce your referred pain with ‘Trigger Point Therapy’[…]

Injury management: How to prevent injuries

Do you suffer from aches and pains on a regular basis? Do you often feel tightness or tension in your body? Do you frequently get injured? Have you been injured in the past and never felt like you have properly recovered? Do you play sport and feel you are struggling to achieve standard and you Read more about Injury management: How to prevent injuries[…]

Leaner, healthier and stronger!

Resistance training is essential for burning body fat, maintaining lean tissue, healthy ageing, improving your metabolism and protecting your joints. Keeping your body strong prepares you for everyday activities and sports, as well as helping to prevent injury, chronic pain and disease. Leaner, healthier, stronger!    Muscle burns energy! Strength training is fundamental in reducing Read more about Leaner, healthier and stronger![…]

Why I love Therapeutic yoga and Iyengar yoga.

  This fascinating style of yoga begins with a thorough understanding of the entire human body and its functions. The unique and innovative approach focuses on precision, alignment and intricate movement in order to bring about balance in your muscles, joints, nervous system and organs. Iyengar yoga emphasizes practice to minimise stress and create space Read more about Why I love Therapeutic yoga and Iyengar yoga.[…]

Calm, controlled and strong.

In order to produce the most effective increase in fat burning muscle, we need to be prepared that the exercises we will perform will require us use a weight that will overload our muscles and ensure you to push very strongly throughout each movement. In essence, we can work slowly, with perfect technique and with focused Read more about Calm, controlled and strong.[…]

Relax your stressed-out ’fascia’ and improve the condition of your tight and weak soft tissue!

By Hannah Mitchell Each day, most of us spend considerable amounts of time in a fixed position. For example, Sitting at a desk Sitting in a car Sitting on the sofa So, when we sit in these positions for very long periods our muscle fibers get tired of being in a constant state of contraction. Read more about Relax your stressed-out ’fascia’ and improve the condition of your tight and weak soft tissue![…]