March 9, 2018

Athlete Support

Support your sport and maximise your performance!

Our athlete support services are designed to help you reach your full potential, break through your limitations and keep your body fluid, strong and injury free.

These treatments and coaching sessions can help you improve the condition of your soft tissue, improve areas of restricted movement and improve the flow of vital nutrients that help your body repair and recover.

Our athlete specific services…

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Physical Therapy and Sports Massage

Repetitive and extreme movements as a result of playing sport can lead our bodies to overcompensate, stress our muscles, fascia and other connective tissue causing us restriction in our soft tissue, impaired muscle function and less fluidity and power in our movement. Specialist soft tissue work can help you improve the fluidity of your movement by reducing myofascial adhesions and helping your body to utilise efficient and effective movement patterns.

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Muscle Assessment and Activation

Muscle function assessment followed by highly effective activation techniques allow you to make dramatic changes to incorrectly functioning muscles. We help you make immediate shifts in performance, energy and speed. As well as this these changes help you improve any dysfunctional movement patterns, helping prevent injury and chronic pain, allowing you to unlock your body’s full potential and dramatically increase your energy.

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Facilitated Stretch Therapy

Stretching helps keep your body flexible and fluid. This assisted stretching service uses techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation to help develop and improve flexibility for your sport.

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Strength and Flexibility Coaching 

Help prevent injuries by following some basic principles in relation to your movement and body to support your physical training. Strengthening your body, increasing your power and keeping your soft tissue fluid and flexible! Our prevention programmes carefully consider the requirements of your sport or activity in line with your body’s unique movement patterns and anatomy history. We teach you blended techniques of functional movement training, strengthening and stretching, yoga, mindfulness for sport, balance and proprioceptive training and sports specific conditioning.

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Team Support

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Experience the benefits of a dedicated prevention and treatment programme designed specifically to support your club or team. We work with the unique movements of your sport to develop a strategy that can help your team stay strong and flexible and free from injury.

Team support consists of blended techniques of remedial massage therapy, support taping, acute injury management, facilitated stretch therapy, functional movement training, sports specific yoga, mindfulness and meditation, balance and proprioceptive work as well as sports specific nutrition. We can provide food for your race or event. We blend this into an integrated package which is unique for your team.

Bodywork, massage and facilitated stretch therapy treatments for your team or club can be organised to suit your training times, your race or event. We set up therapeutic equipment at your team venue for your convenience.

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The South East and West London
The North East and Yorkshire
30 minutes£42£35Book
45 minutes£58£45Book
60 minutes£75£55Book
90 minutes£100£80Book
3 hours (Group)£200£148.50Book