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Athlete Support and Physical Therapy

Dedicated athlete support and injury prevention services designed to help you enhance your performance, recover from injury, balance your body, maximise your functional movement, strength, flexibility and power.

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Race and Event Support

Professional pop up sports therapy service and dedicated Team Support designed to help athletes maximise, performance and prevent injuries at your race or event.

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Unique yoga, pilates, meditation and exercise coaching services designed to help you improve your mindfulness, energy levels, strength, flexibility, health, performance and your overall quality of life.

Our Ethos

Revolutionise your performance, your energy, your quality of life.

“Having been involved in peoples’ life long quest for optimum performance, happiness and health, the ups, the downs, the obstacles and the motivations, I found an intense need to provide solutions to help us maximise our performance in sport and improve our overall quality of life”

Trailside Sports Therapy provides you with unique, evidence-based, easy to understand and highly effective athlete support and exercise coaching programmes which integrate the most beneficial aspects of physical therapy, injury prevention, exercise coaching, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, stress reduction and nutrition.

These programmes are extensively researched and are designed specifically to help you make dramatic changes to your body, performance in sport, health and lifestyle.

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