June 6, 2016

Physical therapy, Bodywork, Sport and Remedial Massage

Unique physical therapy services specifically designed to improve your total health and wellbeing.


Massage therapy is an ideal and effective way to release stress throughout your body. During our massage treatments, we use a range of techniques, tailor made to suit your specific needs and provide you with the ultimate in therapeutic care.

Our unique blend of bodywork techniques help to improve the condition of your soft tissue, reduce chronic tightness and pain, reduce your myofascial adhesions, improve your pain as well as reduce your stress hormones.

Our blended techniques are designed to ensure you walk away renewed, revitilised and stress free.


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Remedial and Sports 

A unique bodywork treatment which focuses on improving your tight areas through a careful understanding of your anatomy and injury history. Myofascial release techniques and trigger point therapy will help improve your chronic pain, as well as allow us to help breakdown your mysofascial adhesions (also known as muscle knots!). We use unique techniques to help you to stay relaxed whilst effectively treating your soft tissue, for a deeply effective treatment.



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Recovery and Relaxation

Young woman receiving back massage at spa

Recover, relax and unwind, with the ultimate in therapeutic treatment. Experience tranquility and increased energy from a reduction of your stress hormones. We work with unique pressure to enable you to feel both energised and relaxed after your treatment.

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Muscle Activation

Muscle function assessment followed by highly effective activation techniques allow you to make dramatic changes to incorrectly functioning muscles. We help you make immediate shifts in performance, energy and speed. As well as this these changes help you improve any dysfunctional movement patterns, helping prevent injury and chronic pain, allowing you to unlock your body’s full potential and dramatically increase your energy.


We offer group treatments to look after you at your convenience, book a group treatment session and we will come to you!


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 At home

Ayurvedic face massage with oil on the wooden table in traditional style made by asian women. Top view

We know there is something very therapeutic about the company of good friends. This service allows an evening of great company, massage, relaxation and stress reduction.

In the comfort of your own home we will set up our therapy equipment in a room of your choice Read more >

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On Your Trip

Get the most out of your body and maximise your experience on your trip away! We offer fully supportive packages for your adventure holiday.

These support services are built around your trip and can include dedicated sports and recovery massage, yoga and exercise coaching as well as injury management.


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At Work

Businesswoman leading sedentary lifestyle causing back pain

Many of us suffer from chronic aches, tension, postural issues and even headaches as a result of long periods of sitting, especially when working at a computer.

This treatment targets these short, tight and weakened areas and works by increasing vital fluids and nutrients, reducing myofascial adhesions Read more >


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At Your Club

sports massage

As sports therapists, we completely understand the effects of repetitive and often extreme movements as a result of regular sporting activities.

Treatment to help improve your trigger points and reduce your Myofascial adhesions, can help prevent chronic injuries as a result of overcompensation and over stressed soft tissue Read more >




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Tailor Made

Unsure what treatment you would like to go for? We are highly experienced therapists and take great satisfaction from helping you decide what treatment would be most appropriate and effective. Before we decide, we will chat about your anatomy history as well as which areas your feel need most attention to ensure you get the best in personalised treatment.


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The South East and West London
The North East and Yorkshire
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